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7 th lord in different houses

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

7 th lord in 1 ST House : 7 th lord is vayu element. the native will suffer from Vayu disease . this will be the cause of his death at last age . His partner will sit on his head, meaning dominate . this could be past birth partner who has come to take revenge and will make sure he/she is cut off from his family. Activation age is 29 th year

7 th lord in 2nd House: The native will marry , somebody within his family and his income or bank balance will grow after marriage. The partner will have short life. partner is going to control money. The native will have multiple partners. In case 7 th house lord is debiliated in 2 nd house, he will not even get food to eat, or his / her diet will change completely. Actiavtion of this hosue at age 28

7 th Lord in 3 rd house: The native will have difficulty in getting sons. Siblings will have problems with your partners. Natural lord is mercury who is not intersted in having kids, so your partner will not be interested in having physical relationship. check activation of this house at the age of 32 nd year.

7 th lord in 4 th house- The native will not be able to control his partner. Either he has to CHANGE his house .Its a good combination, the partner will not be happy. Natural lord is Moon. You will not be able to marry the partner you love. The partner will take care of you as a parent. Activation of this house at the age of 31st year

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