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Angel Therapy

Angel Therapy Course

call 7350007427 to enroll for Angel therapy class : Sunday 10 to 4 pm

Angel Therapy is a one day class , where you are taught to communicate with angels. You understand why God has created angels, why they wish to help us? , how to communicate with them.

You learn to understand their conditions to communicate with you.Take their guidance or help for your career, relationship, finnce health and spirituality.Different types of angels help you in different fields.Ask for protection of self and your loved ones.

This course teaches you to understand the signs shown by angels , use different channels to communicate with them. you can use any angel cards to get messages from angels. Angel dowser to get answers to your questions.

Course Contents:

  1. Introduction to different phyla’s ( levels)of Angels and understanding how they function along with their totem, element and purpose.

  2. How to connect with your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

  3. Angels and religion

  4. Angel attunement

  5. Opening channels to recive messages

  6. How to invoke angels

  7. Detail understanding of seven Main Archangels

  8. Archangel Micheal: Protection

  9. Archangel Raphael: Healing

  10. Archangel Chamuel: Unconditional love

  11. Archangel Gabriel: Inspiration

  12. Archangel Jophiel: Joy and illumination

  13. Archangel Uriel: Spritual Service

  14. Arcnagel Zadkiel: Removing negativity, tolerance

  15. Angelic signs & their meaning through different channels

  16. Meditations, Hear, see , feel and know . also learn to understand Messages from angels,

  17. Meditation: Opening channels to receive messages.

  18. Angel Card Reading

  19. Angel board reading

  20. Dowsing

  21. Understanding signs from angels

  22. Angel Numbers

  23. Auto writing

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to connect with the angels

Course is taught in language: English and Hindi

Notes are provided: English and Hindi


A desire to communicate with Guardian and other types of angels and bring positive changes in your career, finance , relationship and health.

Course duration: 1 day (6 hours)

take away: Certificate, notes, angel cards, angle board and dowser.

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