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Buddha's Diksha on Vijaya Dashami

Updated: Oct 15, 2021

Once a Young boy came and innocently gave a bowl of mud to Lord Buddha. Seeing this Buddha Smiled and said to his disciple Anand that this small boy will be the King of Patliputra in his next birth and will spread about Buddhism in all four corners of the world.

In 261 BC Mauryan Empire’s Samrat Ashok , after winning the ferocious battle of Kalinga, was shattered to see the genocide of Lakhs of men , and then he decided to give up violence and adopted Buddha’s philosophy . The Kalinga was one of the biggest and ferocious battle in history of India.

King Ashoka was known for his anger and torture chamber where he would punish people for not obeying him . he would cut the head of his people in the court. Battle of Kalinga transformed him completely and King Ashoka took Diksha from Bhagwan Budh on the day of Ashoka Vijay Dashami ( Dussehra) and since then followed the path of Harmony and Ahinsa ( Non Violence). He accepted Buddhism and dealt with his people with love and respect. He supported Bhagwan Budha’s monks to different parts of Ancient India to spread the teachings of Buddha. He also sent his son to Srilanka to spread about Buddhas teachings.

Another Great personality who adopted BUDHISM ON VIJYADASHMI is DR. Baba SAHEB Ambedkar.

Teachings of Buddha are as follows .

1)Triratna – three jewels in Pali also called three-fold message,

1st message- The Buddha- Enlightened one also means teacher

2nd message- The Dharma – Duties, Learning, teaching, Your Role in the society.

3rd message- The Sangha- The group, the community

2) Other teachings were – not to kill innocent animals,

3) Eight fold path is - Right View , Right Intention, Right speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Concentration, Right understanding,

4) Four noble Truths –

1) The truth of suffering

2) The truth of cause of suffering

3) The truth of End of suffering

4) The truth of path that leads to the end of suffering

Its very auspicious tithi for transforamtion . One can learn Lama Fera , Yogmaya , Shalvik mantra Rahisya, Yogmaya Avataran on Vijaya Dashmi Tithi and adopt the philosophy of Buddha and spread to the others.

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