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Chakra Clearing

Chakra Cleansing Services

The chakra energy system is constantly responding to our everyday experiences. Generally, the chakras are described as being either open or closed and an open chakra allows life-force energy to pass freely, while a closed chakra creates an energy blockage that can result in a variety of problems and issues. A free flow of life-force energy is vital to our health and well-being.

The chakras are subtle energy centers that act as doorways through which emotional, mental, and spiritual forces flow in and out of our bodies. they are openings through which our attitudes, beliefs, and emotions are processed and stored. Another way to think of the chakras is they are somewhat like little computers each which have unique ways of processing and storing our mental and emotional experiences.

What the Chakras Do

We have seven major chakras within our bodies and numerous minor chakras, but most of our chakra clearing work focuses on the seven major chakras.

The nature of what is stored and processed in each chakra has three major components:

  1. One component is composed of feelings and emotions.

  2. A second aspect is something like pictures or movies of events that have happened in your past that made an impression.

  3. The third component is a mental assembly of beliefs and conclusions derived from events.

There can be a great many layers to the ways in which these characteristics are stored in the chakras and they are often deep and complex. In addition, each chakra has an influence on components in the physical body which are in the vicinity of the chakra such as the organs and glands.

Sometimes it is said that an issue belongs to a specific chakra. For example, something troubling a person from that person’s childhood may be called a second chakra issue. While there are certainly unique characteristics of each chakra I have also found that almost all issues have components in each of the chakras. So even if you are dealing with an issue which is primarily associated with a particular chakra it is also important to address it in the other chakras as well.  When the chakras are clear and operating in a healthy manner they are our resources for engaging in life in the most positive ways.

Chakra Clearing from the Outside In and from the Inside Out!

For chakra clearing with methods I call healing from the outside in there are many approaches, but they all make use of external sources of subtle energy such as laying on of hands, aura raking, pranic healing, Reiki, polarity therapy, color and light therapy, crystals and gemstone therapy, sound therapy such as chanting, gongs, and music, and many other approaches. While all of these procedures have value unless the underlying issues causing the difficulties are addressed, any of the “healing from the outside in” procedures will have limited or temporary value. On the other hand, if these techniques are combined with “healing from the inside out,” then the procedures can be very helpful.

One of the methods of applying chakra clearing from the inside out is through the use of meditation. I have a comprehensive six-hour audio program titled Chakra Healing that contains 12 guided meditations to help you with chakra clearing and chakra cleansing from the inside out.

Energies and Issues Associated With Chakra Clearing

For each chakra below I will indicate the common name of the chakra, a color, and musical note associated with that chakra which can be used as a basis for chakra healing. The deeper mental, emotional, and spiritual issues associated with each chakra are best addressed with “healing from the inside out” techniques such as meditations and consciousness shifting through personal sessions.

Chakra Clearing Help is Now Available!

What if I told you that I could guide you through the many chakra issues and help you balance, clear and heal. I have created a perfect solution to do just that. I have created an audio program that addresses all of your chakras from the root to the crown that you can use at home without needing special training. My all-meditation program is titled, Chakra Healing and it covers all the major issues associated with each chakra and more. It is perfect for someone just beginning as well as those who have had considerable experience.

Every area of your life has been affected by your chakra system and this is why it is vitally important for you to do chakra clearing procedures. Below are subjects covered in my Chakra Healing program:

  1. Healing inner child, relationship & money issues

  2. Using colors for chakra balancing

  3. Clearing self-image and personal power issues

  4. Deepening love and trust

  5. Clearing issues at a chakra core level

  6. Chakra clearing through forgiveness

  7. Enlightening awareness with golden light

  8. Opening your crown chakra to inspiration & divine wisdom

  9. Dissolve aging energy patterns

  10. Utilizing light for clearing the chakras

  11. Deepen love from your heart for healing

  12. Explore answers to life questions

  13. Discover your purpose and mission for your life

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