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Updated: Aug 24, 2023

Sit Comfortably ,Loo k at this idol , take deep breaths for 5 min , and say this prayer

"Divine Source of Healing,

In this moment of vulnerability, I open my heart and soul to your loving and transformative energy. I recognize that you are the ultimate source of healing, and I humbly ask for your guidance, strength, and restoration.

I surrender any pain, discomfort, or ailment that I am experiencing into your compassionate hands. Please infuse me with your healing light, soothing my body, mind, and spirit. Release any negativity or blockages that may be hindering my well-being.

As I breathe deeply, I envision your healing energy flowing through me, touching every cell and fiber of my being. May this energy cleanse and rejuvenate me, bringing balance, vitality, and harmony back to my life.

I am grateful for your unwavering support and the infinite love you provide. With trust in your divine wisdom, I believe that healing is possible and that I am deserving of this grace. Thank you for guiding me on this journey toward wellness. Amen."

This 5 minutes helaing is going to change / transform . You will notice a shift from stagnation to flow, from lack to abundance,from confusion to clarity, from pain to peace. This is Turning point.

Do share your feed back.

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