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Magnifed healing cours in Pune

What is the meaning of magnifed healing?

Gita chawla Mirpuri , Magnified healing practioner and teacher in Pune, explains a meaning of Magnified healing.

Magnified Healing is a holistic healing practice that was introduced in the late 20th century by Gisele King and Kathryn Anderson. It is a form of energy healing that aims to bring balance and harmony to the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of an individual.

The key components of Magnified Healing include the use of breath and energy channeling, working with the spiritual hierarchy, and the activation of the threefold flame of the heart. Practitioners of Magnified Healing believe that it helps in the healing of the self and others by raising the vibrational frequency of the practitioner and the recipient.

The practice involves a series of specific movements, sounds, and visualizations that are intended to clear and align the energy centers (chakras) in the body. The goal is to facilitate healing, release blockages, and promote overall well-being.

To know more about magnfied healing phase 1 course:

It's important to note that while many people find benefit in energy healing practices, including Magnified Healing, its effectiveness is subjective and can vary from person to person. As with any alternative or complementary healing modality, individuals interested in Magnified Healing should approach it with an open mind and seek guidance from qualifiedpractitioners.


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