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Ramal Shastra Vidhya at Divine Touch Healing Academy

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Ramal gyan was given by Lord Shiva.

Scholar in Utarardha was successful in pleasing Shiv ji with his penance and he asked for the boon that he should be given knowledge to find out past, present and future. Then Shiv ji blessed him with Ramal Vidhya knowledge. The scholar was told by Shiva that on the earth he will be known as Adam the one who has all the knowledge of ramal Vidhya. Later through his disciples this shastra was spread amongst the people .

In this vidhya , ramal passa are used ,that has 16 different shakla. shakla consist of dots / bindu or rekha / lines. Questions are asked , aagam or nirgam type. It doesnot require knowledge of nakshatra or panchang.

Its 2 days course for astrologers. One must have knowledge of vedic astrology , and should be good at prashna kundli.

Topics covered:

learn to make sthar kundli.

16 shakal

Types of shakal- kharij ,saabit, munaklib, and daakhil

Types ofaagam and nirgam questions.

Predictions for 444 questions.

Take away: ramal shastra dices ( passa) and ramal shastra cards, notes and certificate.

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