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Sarava pitru Amavasya rituals :

Ashwin month , new moon day, is observed as Sarva pitru Amavasya. on this day one can perform the shradh, tarpan and pindaan for all the ancestors.

In last 15 days , OF PITRA PAKASHA if one forgets or due to not knowing the tithi and date of death of a loved one , could not perform shradh , pind daan or tarpan for any of the ancestors, this is the day with full devotion you can please all your ancestors by folowing riutals.

On Pitru visarjani amavasya , ancestors , they reach the water body such as river, lake, pond , well etc. to have water , after having food for last 15 days. So to get their blessings on this day, when they ready to depart from the earth, light a diya or an oil lamp at any near by water body. You can also light a lamp under peepal tree. Offer water and sugar to peepal tree and outside your home in the evening.

Today , upto 4.34 pm , one can donate food, water, grocery products, umbrella, shoes,also the articles loved by your ancestors. Eg: Any fruit was favourite to your ancestor , you can donate that food product as well, to a brahman. Also cooked food to cow, crows and dogs. One can perform rituals for unknown ancestors as well. One can get saved from anger or curse of ancestors , in case they are dissatisfied with shradh and other rituals not performed for them.

One should say this prayer while performing sarva pitru amavasya remdies, that i ask for forgiveness for anything wrong done by me, intentionally unintentionally , towards all my departed loved ones. May all my departed loved ones, including my family friends , aquintances, be pleased with me and my family.

Chant mantra : "Om sarva Pitru Devay Namah" , Number of malas equivalent to your age. If you are 35 years old, chant manta 35 malas. you can chant as and when you get time upto 7 pm today.

According to astrology 12 th house planets / lord represents the products one should donate :

Mars in 12th house- donate sweets like jalebi , motichoor laddu

Mercury in 12th house - donate green mung

Sun in 12th house - donate wheat.

Moon in 12th house- donate rice

Jupiter in 12th house- donate Chana dal

Venus in 12th house- donate sugar

Saturn in 12th house= Donate black Udad

Rahu in 12th house - Donate barley

Ketu in 12 th house- Feed dogs.

If there is no planet in 12 th house, check the lord of 12 th house and donate articles accordingly, eg if your 12 th lord is saturn donate black Udad.

To get good results from this remedy one shoud donate the articles equivalent or little more than the body weight. if your body weight is 86 KG. doante atleast 86 or 90 kg to a temple where food is prepared and disributed like ISKON or Sai baba temple.

You can donate prepared food to nearby temple and distribute with your own hands. Along with above mentioned products , donate few puri

s and kheer to make your sun and moon strong.


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