Spells in Tarot Reading

What is a spell?

Let me first share with you, how the dictionary defines a spell.

spell2/spɛl/nounnoun: spell; plural noun: spells

  1. a form of words used as a magical charm or incantation.”a spell is laid on the door to prevent entry” synonyms:

incantation, charm, conjuration, rune, magic formula;

abracadabra;sorcery, magic, witchcraft, witchery;hex, mojo;makutu”the witch recited a spell”

  1. a state of enchantment caused by a magic spell.”the magician may cast a spell on himself”

  2. an ability to control or influence people as though one had magical power over them.”he woke from her spell” synonyms:

irresistible influence, fascination, magnetism, animal magnetism, charisma, allure, lure, charm, attraction, pull, draw, enticement, beguilement;

magic, romance, mystique, glamour”Margaret surrendered to his spell”

Spell for me is

Now, here’s my definition of a spell.

Do you realize, any affirmation, any word uttered with great intensity and sincerity becomes in a sense, a spell?

Do you realize that all the mantras in Hindu mythology are nothing but form of spells?

There are two ways to look at it – one, that it is some mumbo jumbo magic; two, that it is a desire you put out to the Universe and allow it to come true.

I choose the second way.

I believe even a strong thought can act as a spell if you do it with conviction. The power of a spell / mantra resides in the person who is chanting it – and chanting it repeatedly gives it the energy to become true through setting of intention.

Tarot Spells involve use of tarot cards chosen by the person who is casting the spell, as per the relevance of his/her spell / intention. One may use candles of different colors for various intentions. One aspect that I’d like to clarify here is that tarot spells are not magic. Everything works with intention.

It’s just a tool – the power lies in YOU

A tarot spell is a tool that you use to concentrate your focus on your intentions and send energy to them. They are done along with rituals and in a setting which enhances good vibrations, for . example, by lighting specific colored candles, placing flowers, picture of loved ones, etc. Spells are affirmations. That’s it. You can experience their power by learning to manifest small desires first.

And then, as your faith in the power of your own manifestation capabilities grows, you learn to manifest bigger things in life.

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