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Spiritual remedies for correcting Vastu of home office shop | Get missing numbers in date of birth

Spiritual remedies for vastu using Yogmaya:

Yogmaya is a very powerful tool to correct your vastu and get the benefits of missing numbers in your date of birth.

If there are defects in your vastu, through lo shu grid, one can find those defects.

Now to heal the 9 sections of the vastu and get the benefits of missing numbers in Numerology:

1) Make the chart of 55 symbols with full concentration and memorising all the symbols, shape and their meanings. Let it take as long as possible. Don’t rush to complete the chart. As making symbols itself will start healing your numbers and vastu.

2) The number that you will start with for number healing or making charts will depend on your date of birth.

3) Place the chart in the specific direction for eg: chart for number 1 in blue colour, north direction

4) At Yogmaya activation time, meditate either in that direction or in your pooja room, meditate on symbols and give yogmaya symbols to the chart to activate it.

5) Number 1 in numerology is for opportunities for career, finance, relationships, health recovery, and spiritual progress

6) When you feel the problems related to number 1 in numerology is solved, you can check the energy of the north corner with the dowser.

7) Thus, one by one, you will correct all the 9 sides of the vastu. There is a sequence you have to follow when you switch to next number.

8) Use dimension change symbols to switch to next symbols.

Same meditation will help all the family members staying in that vastu.

Lama Fera is level 1 of Yogmaya Course and is ideally done before doing Yogmaya. At Gitu Mirpuri's Divine Touch Healing Academy, we teach both the courses together to help students quickly acquire the modality and enable them to heal themselves and others.

To know more about Lama Fera course and to join Lama Fera and Yogmaya course online, click this link:

To know more about Yogmaya and join Yogmaya course:

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