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Tarot cards Reading

Learn Tarot Card Reading

Batch starting on tarot card reading  : Saturday

Tarot card reading course makes you

  1. Know the meanings  and stories  of symbols , colours, numbers  of the major and minor Arcana cards.

  2. Learn how to read cards and  27 spreads , for career, finance , relationship , health and spiriuaity.

  3. learn to give accurate predictions for small and big spreads.

  4. resolve confusions and doubts.

  5.  you can access  tarot at any time, without reading notes

  6. meditation to strengthen your intuition.

  7. understand the main issue of the spread

  8. remedies through tarot .

  9. Timing predictions through tarot.

Course Contents:

  1. Tarot for career

  2. Tarot for finance

  3. Tarot for relationship

  4. Tarot for love affairs

  5. Tarot for health

  6. tarot for progeny

  7. tarot for property

  8. Timing predictions through tarot

  9. Giving online tarot predictions

  10. Remedies for all problems

  11. Introduction to angel tarot deck

Course Duration: 30 days course (2 hours/per day)

Materials Provided: Certificate, Notes, Tarot deck, Tarot cloth, tarot bag, crystals and candle

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