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Tarot spells course

Updated: Apr 5

Tarot spells combine the use of tarot cards with spellwork and intention-setting to manifest specific outcomes or goals. Tarot spells blend elements of divination, symbolism, and energy manipulation to create a ritualistic practice aimed at bringing about desired changes in one's life. It's important to note that the efficacy and beliefs surrounding tarot spells can vary widely among practitioners. Here's an overview of how tarot spells generally work:

  1. Intention Setting: The first step in performing a tarot spell is to define a clear intention or goal. This could be related to love, career, health, personal growth, or any other aspect of life you wish to work on.

  2. Card Selection: You'll select tarot cards that correspond to the energy or qualities associated with your intention. Different tarot cards are associated with various emotions, situations, and energies. For instance, if you're looking for love, you might choose cards associated with emotions, partnership, and connection.

  3. Ritual Setup: Create a sacred space for your spellwork. This could involve lighting candles, using crystals, burning incense, and setting up any other items that hold personal significance to you and your intention.

  4. Card Reading: Perform a tarot card reading using the selected cards. This reading helps you gain insights into your current situation, challenges, and potential outcomes related to your intention.

  5. Affirmations and Visualization: During the card reading, you can use affirmations and visualization techniques to reinforce your intention. Envision the outcome you desire and infuse it with positive emotions.

  6. Energy Manipulation: Some practitioners believe in channeling or directing energy, often using their hands, crystals, or other tools, to infuse the cards with their intention and amplify its power.

  7. Spell Activation: As you lay out the selected cards, you might arrange them in a specific pattern or layout that corresponds to the desired outcome. Some tarot spreads are designed specifically for spellwork. As you place the cards, you can recite affirmations, incantations, or prayers related to your intention.

  8. Daily Practices: After the initial ritual, you might engage in daily practices to maintain your focus on the intention. This could involve meditating with the cards, journaling about your progress, or simply spending time with the energy of the cards.

It's important to approach tarot spells with respect and a clear understanding of your intentions. While many people find value and empowerment in these practices. Some people view tarot spells as psychological tools that help them focus their thoughts and intentions, while others interpret them as a way to tap into spiritual or metaphysical energies.

Course Contents:

Introduction to Tarot Spells

What are Tarot Spells?

Understanding the Basics of Tarot Cards

Different Approaches to Tarot Spells

Foundations of Spellwork

The Principles of Effective Spellcasting

Setting Clear Intentions

Choosing and Charging Tools (Crystals, Candles, Incense, etc.)

Creating Sacred Space

Tarot and Symbolism

Exploring Tarot Card Symbolism for Spellwork

Correspondences between Cards and Intentions

Selecting Cards for Different Spell Objectives

Crafting Tarot Spells

Designing Tarot Spell Rituals

Crafting Appropriate Affirmations and Incantations

Working with Visualization Techniques

Timing and Lunar Phases in Spellwork

Practical Spellcasting Techniques

Laying Out Tarot Cards for Spells

Tarot Spreads Designed for Spellwork

Energy Manipulation and Channeling

Activating and Closing Spells

Love and Relationship Spells

Using Tarot for Love and Connection

Spellwork for Enhancing Relationships

Attracting New Love with Tarot

Prosperity and Abundance Spells

Using Tarot for Manifesting Prosperity

Money and Career Spell Techniques

Abundance Mindset and Tarot

Healing and Self-Care Spells

Tarot Spells for Healing and Wellness

Boosting Self-Confidence and Self-Love

Releasing Negative Energy

Advanced Techniques

Layering Spells with Astrology and Numerology

Incorporating Elemental Correspondences

Creating Personalized Rituals

Ethics and Responsibility

Ethical Considerations in Spellwork

The Importance of Consent and Boundaries

Clearing and Grounding Practices

Integrating Tarot Spells into Daily Life

Maintaining Daily Tarot Practices

Journaling and Reflecting on Spell Outcomes

Adapting Spells to Changing Circumstances

Putting it All Together

Case Studies of Successful Tarot Spells

Building Confidence in Your Spellcasting Abilities

Continuing Your Tarot Spell Journey

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