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Australian opal 5 carot plus

Australian opal 5 carot plus


Opal stone  can be worn by any one as its a semiprecios stone. Its a substitute for Diamond. Its a stone for  Venus planet. 


Opal give benefits: 


1) Happy love life

2) Luxurious life

3) Happy married life

4) Quick marriage for those looking for a partner

5) Good clients

6) Good Investors

7) Good Health , especialy female  Health issues, like PCOD, cyst in Ovaries, Water detention, Skin related issue, Mensus related problems can get cure with Opal.


 For 15 to 25 years wear Gemstone of 3 to4 ct

For 25 to 35 , It should be 4 to 5 ct

and for 35 to 45 it should be 5 to 6 ct and so on.


For more details: contact GITU MIRPURI 7350007427

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