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Black tourmaline raw crystals

Black tourmaline raw crystals

SKU: C026
₹500.00 Regular Price
₹475.00Sale Price

Black tourmaline 1.7 cm x0.5 cmx0.5 cm 3gmto 7 gm Total stocks 350 gms.


Black tourmaline : Black tourmaline for root chakra. It cures eating disorder,anxiety,fear, worry, overthiblnking, depression, nightmares, anger etc. Black tourmaline is a must for your crystal collection. Ideal to keep in your altar, work place, decorative piece or to hold in hand for meditation. It removes all pain from the body.


Strengthens immunity
➢ Relieves stress and anxiety
➢ Promotes detoxification
➢ Increases alertness
➢ Supports organs
➢ Eliminates toxic heavy metals
➢ Helps circulation
➢ Improves metabolism
➢ Improves self-confidence
➢ Grounds energies - associated with root chakra
➢ Balances and clears chakras and aura


  • Width in cms

  • Height in cms

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