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Education Tower

Education Tower


Education Tower for getting good results  in studies, Exams.  It should be placed on the study desk of children on red cloth . Children while studying should face East or North direction. The room prefered for children is North, East or NE direction.


Education tower can be used by all , who are preparing for Govt exam, higer education  AND Phd. 


For every child it should be used .in case you have 2 children , use 2 education towers and never use the broken ones. '


 There are 2 types of eduction tower avaialble one is polyresin an other one in metal. Use only metal one. 


1)It  turns mind into well discipilened mind. 

2) It  enhances foucs and concentration of mind.

3)  It has Budhist Stupa, which is a sacred object

4)  It brings positivity for learning new things

5)  The desgin is unique

6) It is a fengshui prodoucts , should be used for professional, IT, job who work continuosly , using brain power and concentration.

7)  It doesnt allow you to distract your mind , from education. 

8) Many temples in India of eduction tower shape , so to change the mind to Nirodhah mind.  


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