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Star Ruby

Star Ruby

SKU: C257
Star RubyStar Ruby:-Ruby with star like inscriptions is known as star Ruby . It's stabilizers hyperactivity and is good to heal heart chakra. It removes thoughts of self harm and it protects against psychic attacks .It maintains proper blood flow and also helps in circulation of fluid in the body. it regulate the flow of menses and also its pain. It cures efficiently the reproductive organs along with sexual dysfunction. It heals the issue of importance as well as in fertility also cures fevers of any sort . It takes away the negative emotions o aggression anger self harm. It uplifts you in the spirituality. it connects you with your guardian Angels and also to your spirit guides. It is king of all gems. It takes you away from misfortune and bad health. \n \n1 to 1.3 cm. \n \n3.51 gms

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