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Vaastu manjusha with real gems

Vaastu manjusha with real gems


Vaastu Manjusha to enhence positivity at your home shop and office:


Manjusha has all the gems crsytals connected to 25 important sthan of Vaastu .It can be placed in the following directions to get the best results


1) Under the ground , while construction is started

2) Under the pillar 

3) In the brahmsthan of Vaastu , for rectification on Brahmasthan

4) Under the chair of the owner at home, shop or office

5) Under the bed of a patient who is not well from long time.


Brahmasthan Majusha  is the most potent and popular enhancer to enhance a wealth luck. The colour of the brick  is golden yellow, which is the strongest color associated to wealth. For those seeking for new wealth opportunities and luck can display this at their work desk or wealth corners of the house. Those seeking new carrer opportuites & money luck should place this yellow brick  at the north sector of the house. According to Vastu, any weight at the centre of the house can cause a serious bad luck. Manjusha  is the simple remedy for the vastu defect related to brahmasthan.




Placing Mnajusha in shukla paksha and on owners favourtie nakshatra gives excellent results. it should be placed and activated with dhoop , agarbati, kumkum and aarti. 


Some Simple & Effective Vaastu Shastra Remedies for Home, House, Business, Factories , shops & Offices  available at Gitu's Divine Touch ,  India’s Leading Vaastu Dosh Nivaran consultations and  Products  Dealer - Online & Offline in Pune, India at Wholesale Prices.


We have Vastu Remedies for every direction’s Northwest, Northeast, Southwest, Southeast,North, South, East ,West and Brahmasthan, etc. Also for  extentions , cuts, wrong door, wrong strairs, bathrooms, toilets, .


Vaastu consultations and products are useful for career, finance, health, progeny, education, realtionship , and spirutal problems as well.


We have tried and tested these remedies over the last 2 decades and they are bound to give you the results as promised.


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