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About Gitu Mirpuri

Senior Astrologer and Tarot Reader Gitu Mirpuri is a lady with the divine touch. She has been blessed with a benign  heart and healing hands. She is one of the best energy healers in Pune. As an astrologer, one of the best tarot readers in India and a Reiki grand master, Gitu heals clients as well as trains them in various alternate healing modalities. Gitu serves clients in India and across the world, including Australia, Thailand, South Africa, and Philippines.

The other healing therapies that she provides include Color therapy, Aroma therapy, Runes, Lama Fera and Angel therapy. A lot of clients consult her on Vastu, numerology and graphology.

She has 20 years of experience in conducting courses for these services, as well as giving healing for various problems. She uses a combination of services to guide her clients effectively. Even though she is known as one of the best tarot readers in Pune, she is also an expert in combining her tarot readings with new age modalities like Lama Fera and angel guidance.


Gitu’s spiritual strength helps her to aid others with their problems and providing guidance to their future decision makings.

The Divine flame in her was first noticed when she was just 4 years old. When during a community function, Dada J.P. Vaswani gave a mike in her hand and Gitu surprised all with her soulful bhajans of Sadhu Vaswani. The devotion of this child was appreciated by everyone present there. As Gitu grew up, her faith in God also became stronger, as did the miracles that she could do using her healing hands.

Gitu completed her education in Electronics Engineering, and started her spiritual journey by working at Sant Hardasram Mandir at Pimpri. There she would sing bhajans and narrate motivational stories to devotees who would find themselves benefitted by this positive energy.

Gitu was first introduced to crystals by her husband who owned a crystals shop and from there, the interest in crystals started. Slowly this interest grew into similar domains like astrology, numerology and other healing activities. With her guidance she has helped many people with taking decisions in life.

Gitu is also involved in other activities such as;

  • She was an astrology consultant writer in Pune LifeLine newspaper

  • Conducted seminar for corporates such as Wipro, Kotak Mahindra and Vibgyor school

  • Conducted Tarot card reading sessions for IT companies like Evon, E-Zest, Sagitech and Affinity

She is an active social worker and is a part of matrimony services where she has successfully conducted 4000 marriages till date.

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