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Shining like Crystals - from within

Crystals hold earth energy - very strong, potent, and amazingly effective energy vibrations that have the ability to heal, nourish and nurture anyone that comes in their vicinity. 

By learning Crystal Therapy, you will be able to heal yourself and your near and dear ones by using different crystals and grid formats.

Why Crystal Therapy Course?

Image by Sarah Brown

What is Crystal Therapy - Basic and Advanced Course?

Crystal Healing is a method in which the crystals are placed on the body and blockages are removed from the aura and the chakras. Since the earliest times, crystals have been used to heal and restore balance. They help in releasing and clearing negative energy. Crystals are nature’s gift to man that help in healing. Each crystal has a unique vibration resonance. They owe their unique qualities to their mineral content, their inherent geometry and the colour frequency they emit. The colours of the crystals are associated with the various chakra centres in the body. When crystals are placed at corresponding chakra point, they cleanse and energise the chakra. This helps in healing and harmonising energy.

There are two levels of Crystal Therapy - Basic and Advanced. To check the course content for each of these levels, please click on the button below.

How to become a Crystal Therapist and Healer

Crystal healing is a method in which a master places crystals on different parts of the body generally interrelated to the Chakras which is implied to surround the client as healing energy and helps the client to determine their health and emotional issues.

A Crystal Therapist also advises and counsels on placing crystals in different directions in a house to correct the flow of chi (energy) within the house. 

By doing so, house dwellers can experience a great difference in their money flow, abundance, relationships and health. 

Image by Michael Dziedzic

Enrol to become a Crystal Therapist and Healer

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