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Dowsing with Pendulum - Yes or No

Pendulum dowsing is a divination practice that uses a crystal pendulum to get answers in the form of yes, no and maybe; thus giving an indication into the possible answers to the questions asked. Dowsing is the process of gaining insights into a situation and not predictions themselves.

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What is Pendulum Dowsing Therapy?

Learn Dowsing with Pendulums from senior astrologer and tarot card reader Gitu Mirpuri.

Divination through a dowsing pendulum is the process of gaining valuable insights into a question or situation. A dowsing pendulum can also help the seeker gain visibility into the potential outcome of a choice or decision.

We use divination as a medium of gaining mental clarity and spiritual guidance by becoming recipients of higher knowledge. 

As a pendulum dowser, you will learn the signs of your own dowser and build a relationship with your pendulum, thus, establishing a channel of communication with the divinity or intuition. 

A dowsing pendulum is typically a rock or crystal suspended at the end of a string or a chain. The pendulum is used as a way of gaining spiritual and material insight. Traditionally, dowsing pendulums were used to locate hidden water, minerals, and other hidden objects beneath the ground.

Dowsing for health with a crystal pendulum is based on the same principle – it is a technique used to locate the underlying source of bodily or emotional imbalance that lead to ailments and physical reactions such as allergies or disease.  


When the dowser asks a question, our unconscious mind responds by influencing the motion of our  fingers, causing the pendulum to swing accordingly in response. Our body participates in expressing what is known as our sixth sense or intuition.

Dowsing with Pendulums Course

Think of the pendulum as an antenna that connects you to your intuition, spirit guides, guardian angels and ascended masters. As the pendulum moves, you will receive responses and as a student, you have to determine what answers / communication your pendulum is communicating with you. 

Uses of pendulum dowsing:​

  • Get insights into the burning question of the moment

  • Understand which decisions to take

  • Get direction when on life's crossroads

  • Get divine guidance in relationships, finances, money, health, etc.


  • Course Duration:  7 Days

  • Batches start: 1st of every month

  • 7 days a week, 1 hour a day

  • Detailed notes provided

  • Exercises included

  • Certificate: Yes

Course Contents

  • What is dowsing

  • Finding the right dowser for yourself

  • 128 charts for finding answers.

  • Finding lost objects

  • Person dead or alive

  • Programming your dowser

  • Things positive for you

  • People lucky for you

  • Making decisions on selections

  • Making your own charts

  • Checking negativity in vastu

  • Checking chakras

Course Contents - Dowsing
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