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Nadi Naskshatra Astrology

Naadi Astrology can reveal your past, present and future, with details on your affinity to material things like job, career, construction of house, marriage and partnership, diseases and their cure, etc. Nadi Nakshtra Astrology is famous as Phalit jyotihsa, or sateek jyotisha Ganana, and Accurate predictive astrology.


What is Nadi Nakshatra Astrology?

Learn Nadi Nakshatra astrology from senior astrologer in Pune Gitu Mirpuri and work your magic with this age old technique. 


This branch of astrology is famous with the name of Phalit Jyotish OR Sateek Jyotisha Ganana also accurate Predictive astrology.


Fastest way of predicting , events of your life , using veidc astrology concepts and combinations , Vimshotari dasha , mahadasha Bhukti, and Antardasha.

According to Wikipedia, 

there are 150 Nadis in a sign or Rashi. Each of the 12 signs is 30 degrees of the zodiac 360, and grouped into three categories, Movable, Fixed and Dual. The Nadi texts use nadi as the basic unit of the prediction under this kind of astrology. 

When predictions are based on Nadis in which ascendant and planets are placed; it means the combined results of all sixteen divisional charts are being told. Hence, Nadi Astrology is the most detailed and accurate method. But it requires highly precise birth time, and it also requires knowledge of genuine Nadi texts, most of which are unpublished, and the custodians do not allow others to see the manuscripts.

Gitu Mirpuri has been teaching Nadi Astrology for over a decade now and has trained students on basic and advanced Nadi Astrology.  

Course Contents and Details

Course Details:
  • Course Duration: 6 months

  • Batches start: 1st of every month

  • 5 days a week, 1 hr a day

  • Detailed notes provided

  • Exercises included

  • Certificate: Yes

  • Previous Experience: Not required

Course Contents:
  • Introduction to Nadi Astrology

  • Significance of planets (Karkatwa),

  • Making combinations of planets as per directional conjunction

  • Transit of planets

  • Characteristics of sign, their nature tatwa (Elements), male and female etc.

  • The understanding of Kalpurusha YOGA Combination formed by different planets as per Nadi Astrology

  • Predicting different aspects of life through transit and combination

  • Predictions for litigation, court cases, job, marriage, divorce, eductaion, progeny, Health, Business, Consultancy, Remedies

Course Contents - Nadi Astrology
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