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Candle Magick for wish fulfilment

The element of fire is an important aspect of wish fulfilment. Through candle magick, one can work on manifesting one's desires in the quickest way possible. 

Candles on Board

What is Candle Magick?

Candle magic is a way of tapping into the invisible energy of the Universe to cause a change in the physical world—both tangible and intangible changes can be wished for. For example, more money in your wallet, more good luck for a dream job.


Candle magic is powerful, and quite easy to learn.

Course Contents:


  • Psychology and Candle therapy    

  • Candle Magic    

  • Principle behind candle magic    

  • The Shapes and Colours of Things    

  • Candle colours - Introduction

    • Candle colours for healing   

    • Candle colours and Angels

  • Incense and oil Fragrance    

  • Dressing the Candle    

  • Spells, timing to cast spells

  • Simple Guidelines for Candle Burning    

  • Different configurations of Candles

  • Creating a magic circle

  • Calling / invoking the Masters, the spirits and the angels

  • Spells & Rituals:

    • RITUAL for Protection    

    • Money and Prosperity magic spells    

    • White Candle spell    

    • Break bad luck spell    

    • Candle Spell to Get a Job    

    • Love Spell for bringing back an ex/ attract a new love / enhance the current relationship

    • Good Luck Spell    

    • Banishing Negativity Spell    

    • White Candle Ghost Removal Spell:    

    • Candle Healing for surgery    

    • Binding Spell for Protection

    • White Magic: Candle Spell Healing Magic  

    • Tarot card and candle spells

    • crystals and Candle spells 

    • Reiki and candle spells

  • Interpreting the result of Candle Healing

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