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Karuna Chi Reiki Healing

Reiki is practiced by “laying one's hands on” or touching important points on the individual to transfer healing energy from the Universe. 

Karuna Chi Reiki is a very potent karma cleanser and releases negative patterns from our lives, opening up the Heart Chakra to previously unseen opportunities in life.  

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What is Karuna Chi Reiki Healing?

Karuna Chi Reiki is a form of Reiki Healing that is founded on Compassion. Karuna literally means compassion and is a major feeling that is used while giving Karuna Chi Reiki. Karuna Chi Reiki attracts students and individuals who hold the desire to do greater good for humanity because it not only heals individuals but also the universe in general while doing so. 

Who can learn Karuna Chi Reiki?

Anyone with the desire to heal self and others with karuna/compassion can learn. In fact, highly empathetic individuals who always hold the desire to solve problems from others get attracted to learning Karuna Chi Reiki. 


It is a very powerful karma cleanser and a negative pattern releaser. It opens your heart chakra to unseen opportunities in your life. If you wish to heal your past wounds with karuna and compassion, and thus liberate yourself from old to move into new spiritual levels, then this is the right form of Reiki attunement for you. 

Tarot card readers, reiki therapist, crystal therapist have learnt Karuna reiki and found a miraculous change in their and  their clients life.

FAQ: Can you get attuned online? Remember that energy is universal and transcends the limitations of distance, technology and physical connections. All communication happens in the other plane.

Karuna Chi Reiki has 3 levels.

Level 1:

4 Powerful symbols, also called sai baba symbols.

After attunement, you experience deep healing due to clearing your past life karmas and negative repetitive  patterns in life. You experience healing of the emotional and spiritual side of the life. 

  1. The practice of symbols fill purest love emotions in your body, which enables you to communicate with your higher powers and angels guides.

  2. It is the best practise for grounding before self healing and healing of others. 

  3. Meditation and chanting on symbols and their names clears the fog of negative energies around you and makes you see the path ahead clearly.


After Level 1, you can start healing self and others.

Duration : 2 days - 2 hours / day.

Level 2:  

4   higher version symbosl attunements in Level 2 are given in a vibrant, pure form of energy to increase your immunity and grounding. They connect your being to the masters of compassion.

You experience ease in communication with your higher self and receive compassionate energy and messages. 

Level 3: 

Master level prepares you to attune others.

This level teaches you how to introduce others and attune them into Karuna Chi Reiki and you will be able to teach all the three levels. 

Duration : 2 days, 2 hours/day.

Reiki  masters can opt for level 3 directly.

Contact us to get your seat booked for online classes. 

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