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Crystal Ball Gazing / Scrying

Crystals hold earth energy - very strong, potent, and amazingly effective energy vibrations that have the ability to heal, nourish and nurture anyone that comes in their vicinity. 

Crystal Ball Gazing / Scrying involves seeking answers to questions using intuitive images that are shown to you in the crystal ball. It works completely on the gazer's intuitive powers. 

Image by Sarah Brown

What is Crystal Ball Gazing?

Learn to seek answers from the Crystal Ball by using your intuitive powers. From centuries Crystal Gazing is used by psychics , healers. Tarot card readers and Crystal therapist , reiki grandmasters , with the help of crystal Gazing give accurate predictions to their clients.

In this course, you will learn to enhance and sharpen your intuition, healing powers and your clairvoyance ability. As the name suggests, crystal ball gazing involves getting answers to your questions by gazing at the crystal ball in a very peaceful environment.


The answers to the questions in crystal ball gazing come in the shape of fog, clouds, indicative colours, scenes, memories, shapes, visions etc.  Depending on the colour or directions of the vision, appropriate predictions are made. 


Sometimes the actual scene of the query is seen by the Gazer - in cases where the gazer has developed very high intuition and is in synchrony with their higher self. 


Crystal ball gazing should be used only for good occult. If used for malicious purposes, it affects the seer terribly. So everyone should use crystal ball gazing for good only.

Course Contents for Crystal Ball Gazing

  • All the prerequisites on choosing the medium

  • Different forms of gazings

  • Cleansing the medium

  • Preparing the space for crystal gazing 

  • Meditations

  • Hand mudras to hold the medium

  • Mantra chanting

  • Talking to your medium

  • Developing  patience to connect with the medium

  • Prayers to higher selves

  • Understanding signs and symbols with lot of practise exercises

Duration : 10 days, 1 hour a day

Crystal Ball Gazing Course Contents
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