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Addiction and astrology

Planets responsible for addictions

Venus planets gives addictions of drinks, Moon planet gives addiction of Drugs and Drinks. Neptune- Liquor and Narcotic drugs, Sa with Rahu or Ketu- Evil and malefic combination takes to Addictions, Mercury is the last planet to be considered , its for budhi brasht or wrong thinking.

Planets that wiil make you come out from addiction:

Houses for addictions:

1 House - Personality , self and habits

2 House- Food and habits

3 house- Mental inclinations

5 house- Taste and fancies , habits

6 house- Dietry habits and bad habits

8 house- Mental anxiety, wrong actions evil

12 house- Sin, secret actions, evil .

According to KP Astrology 1st, 2nd, 3 rd, 5 th , 6th cuspal sublord anyhow connected with venus , moon , neptune, pisces, plus 6,8,12 houses with influence of Saturn, Rahu, Ketu native may involve in drug addiction and alcoholism.

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