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Numerology Analysis: Asha Parekh (Born on 2.10.1942)

Updated: Aug 21, 2020

Asha Parekh, born on 2.10.1942 is a popular yesteryears Bollywood actress.

Her year of birth is 1942, total 7 which makes her very spiritual, religious as 7 is the number of Ketu planet.

As her ruling number is 2, she is attached to her mother and follows her mother's advices. Number 2 people listen to their heart and are very emotional towards their creativity.

Career they choose where they are contented.

Her life path number is 1 which is ruled by the SUN. The sun planet qualities make her hard working, punctual and very creative.

1 is her destiny number.

She started her career when she was 10 .

Asha Parekh's soul urge number is 8

a+a+a+e add only vowels – 8 people they desire power, status and wealth.

They work hard with good patience to reach their goal in life.

Her karmic number is 11, which is a master number.

Her deepest desire is to trust her intuitions and bring the best in her life.

She also believes in others' potential.

11 is the number of spiritual enlightenment.

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