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Astrological Indications that show gambling is your career field

Updated: Nov 6, 2021

1) Manipulated gambling is ruled by Rahu and Non manipulated gambling is governed by Mercury. If 5 th house of kundli horoscope - house of speculation is influenced by rahu or mercury the person earns unearned income. Moon rahu conjunction in 5th , 10th or any house person gets attracted towards gambling. Exalted mercury in horoscope , makes one earn through betting.

2)Gambling and earning through stock market is governed by planets Jupiter , Venus, Mercury , Rahu , Sun and Moon. Jupiter Venus conjunction or aspect without any negative affliction , aspect is a must to win a lottery . Uranus and Pluto they give big amounts in lottery.

3) Lets understand the signs for those there is a chance of earning easy money in life, without much hard work. 2 signs of Venus as its a planet of luxury - Taurus and Libra are lucky signs , Rashi of Jupiter - Pisces as they are gifted with good analytical mind they can study well the subject and then try their luck. 2 signs of mercury , as mercury is also planet of wisdom intelligence and believe in quick actions.

4) In a horoscope if above mentioned rashis , Taurus , Libra, Virgo, Gemini and Pisces are in 5th house , which is house which is of speculation , lottery, shares and sudden gains . One can definitely win quick money. Moon in 5th house without any affliction in 5th and 12th house makes one win lottery , or earn through betting.

5)Based on your ascendant every ascendant has benefic and malefic planets , the list is given below

For Aries ascendant - Mars, Sun, Jupiter, and Moon

For Taurus ascendant -Venus, Saturn, and Mercury

For, Gemini ascendant - Mercury ,Venus, and Saturn

For Cancer ascendant -Moon and Mars

For, Leo ascendant - Sun Mars, and Jupiter

For Virgo ascendant - Mercury and Venus

For Libra ascendant -Venus and Saturn

For, Scorpio ascendant -Jupiter, Moon, and Sun

For Sagittarius ascendant- Jupiter ,Mars, Mercury and Sun

For, Capricorn ascendant - Venus ,Saturn, Mercury

For Aquarius ascendant -Saturn and Venus

For Pisces ascendant -Jupiter, Moon, and Mars

If any of the above benefic planet for corresponding ascendant , when transits over fifth , eighth or ninth house one can win lottery.

Eg : In libra ascendant if Venus or Saturn transit in Aquarius 5th house, 8th house Taurus, or 9th house Gemini , there are chances of winning lottery . April 2022 to October each other 2024 , Saturn will remain in Aquarius , this period can be considered good for libra ascendant people for considering gambling / share market as a career.

5) Saturn in Virgo sign and taurus in 7 th house of horoscope represents good luck in betting.

6) Compare the power of 5th and 12 th house, if 5 th house is stronger than 12 th house person earns through shares, gambling, betting.

7) Mahadasha of 5th house lord and 5th house lord is exalted in 1st , 9th, 11th house person gets profits through gambling.

eg: If you are Aries ascendant , Sun in your first house - in mahadasha , antardasha of sun you can get quick money .

eg: Scorpio ascendant - Jupiter is 5 th lord , if its exalted in 9th house , one must try to earn through shares for 16 years juipiter dasha etc.

eg: Taurus ascendant - mercury is your fifth lord , it represents placed in 5 th house , aspecting on 11th house , defintely should give you fast unearned money.

eg: For AQAURIUS ascendant - mercury is your fifith lord , placed in 9th house, you will achieve a big milestone through smart money. Mercury placed in upachay house - 11 house though debilited , aspecting your fifth house will make you in lottery.

8) Even 8th house lord gives quick money if it is placed in trikon. Mahadasha , Antardasha of 8th lord ,11th lord give you fast money.

9) Exchange yog in 5th and 11 th house , and if you are running dasha of planets lords of 5th and 11 th house - person wins lottery.

10) Mercury jupiter connection in horoscope assures winning lottery.

11) 3 rd house is owned by mercury and it represents the ticket or paper you get when you bet . It also represents communication and commision based result.


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