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ASTROLOGY - How to know if you have the yog of settling abroad

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Below are the yogs, which takes a native to abroad land and far off places.

Settlement or short visits depends on the mahadasha, antardasha of the planets. He/ she should be running mahadasha / antardasha of planets involved as explained below. Also planets involves should have benefic aspect.

1) Malefic in 4th house or 4th house (house of motherland) aspected by malefic makes it difficult for the person to live in motherland country. Lord of 4th house ,in 12 th house of foreign land, makes one settle abroad.

2) Connection between 5th house ( house of education) and 12 th house( house of abroad), gives opportunity of going abroad for education

3) Connection of house of marriage 7th house and house of abroad 12 th house, supports visa and settlement because of spouse and marriage. Also house no 7 is the house of business partner , so settlement could be because of business with the partner

4) Connection of 9th house , house of higher studies and spirituality , with house number 12 , which is house of abroad settlement , gives person opportunity to go abroad for higher studies , or spirituality.

5) Connection of house number 10th, fathers house and 12th house that is house of abroad settlement , person goes to foreign land because of fathers business. Also 10th house is of job , he / she might go abroad for a job.

6) Lord of first house in 7th / 12 th , person can settle in abroad.

7) Rahu and moon conjuction also settles person abroad.

8) Lord of 12th house in kendra / trikon makes person settle abroad and he prospers there.

9)If weak 12 th lord is apected by lagnesh , person feels Sad and lonely in abroad if strong 12 th lord is aspected by lagnesh he flourishes and always happy in abroad

10)Weak moon in navamsha kundli doesnt give will power to settle abroad. The person is very sensitive for his family .

11) Strong Moon and strong Venus , and their major or minor period, person goes abroad only for enjoyment, and luxury.

12)8th house connection with 12 th , settles person abroad. As 8th house is of resttlement.

13) Rahu in 8th house and and 8th lord in 10th , settles native abroad.

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