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Aura Photography ,for health predictions

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Predicting health problems

How many bodies does a person have? First, you might say it sounds weird to ask someone such a silly question about the body.

Frankly, question isn't weird, but something is up. For example, the sun is one, but the heat flow halo around it cannot be calculated. similarly we humans not only carry one visible body but beneath that we have other invisible bodies.

Sometines we feel ache or feel depressed just because someone irritating in present with you ? His presence is not affecting you physically , but a layer of energy around your physical body is detecting that unhappiness. This layer o energy is called "Aura". Aura camera can clikc the pictures of Aura , the invisible body.

Do you know or do you believe?So the next question is: What does invisible body do?

Take Suleka for example, she is a healthy woman. When he has time to look at the Aura reading device camera.It happened at an exhibition in the United States. The venue atis great fun and everyone is happy to learn new things. Surekha also took photos of her invisible body there. Bio-quality cameras take pictures of our invisible body or aura.

After taking this photo, the experts at the booth quickly finished and prepared a report for her. Sureka asked: "Well, what does the report say?" "Everything is fine," said Specialist

. I'm glad to see you happy. If you see here, it means you need to take good care of your teeth. If you feel sick in there..."

"Oh really? I don't believe you can see the future of my teeth just by looking at this picture of

.” Sureka quickly left for India. So what happened six to eight months after ? She started having problems with his teeth. !Until she started treating, it occurred to her: "Oh my God! The technician at the exhibit said after he went to take a picture of Aura.

What does this mean? Don't we smell it while the food is being prepared? This is how our invisible body behaves. When they are clear, we know that it is good, bad or different.

. But long before that, these qualities or attributes began to flow out of us

through the invisible body or aura.

Problems of the body

Photographs taken with Aura cameras help reveal secrets and give us the opportunity to look back on good nutrition and health.

Aura camera with Aura Photography into your life, you can experience peace of mind and health.

We have two bodies, one is the visible body and the other is the invisible body. Good auric body makes the face shine. This is our aura. There are seven main chakras in our body

. They spin constantly and energize us. These chakras are weakened and compounds become negative.

At every moment, our aura changes according to our emotions. Positive thinking and positive attitude allows our chakras to rotate properly and keeps our body healthy.Disease enters our body, and six to eight months ago, enters our auric body.By photographing the aura, we can know our future illnesses.150 schools in the United States are exploring aura photography. This is New Technology in Alternative Medicine Hospitals and the government still don't accept it, but they will when the time comes.

To get your aura photography for heath report , or to buy aura phtography device with software contact : 0091 8208740750 ,

The diagnosis of our current allopathic disease only gives us information about our current

disease. Aura images can also tell us about future diseases.

If we are getting signs of heart disease through aura photography, we must change our diet and lifestyle to avoid heart disease, Item Control blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure. Regular health test can help us manage our health.

blood tests can help us manage our health.

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