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Updated: Nov 15, 2021

Bach Flower Therapy Course

Online course on bach flower therapy on Weekends,

The life transforming course provides you with in-depth knowledge about Bach Flowers and their wonderful healing vibrations on how the body and mind heals. It first works very well on the emotional and mental body then cures all physical ailments.

It improves your understanding of the powerful instrument called the human mind; the various emotional states, and how they adversely affect the body, causing different life-threatening diseases.

It equips you with remedial steps to various diseases, mental aberrations and learning disorders.

Provides you with an in-depth understanding of various unknown “holistic” factors that lead to, major shifts, vibratory growth and abundance that we all so richly deserve.

It enables you to understand people and why they are being the way they are and there by create a stress-free, empowering life full of love, joy, and peace and positively enriching, lasting relationships.

The workshop will also provide all necessary information that a would-be Therapist requires. What to look for in a patient, how to lead the conversation, how to prescribe and how to prepare, size of bottles, how many remedies and how to mix them, periodicity, frequency, and in which situations Bach can be advantageous.

This workshop will also give you a glimpse into “From the Bach to Transformation to Manifestation” a powerful, experiential program on the anvil. It goes much much beyond the purview of “Secrets”.

Come and explore the extraordinary world of The Bach Flower Remedies with me. Bach isn’t just about healing. It is also about transforming and enriching life and relationships.

This course will stand you in good stead for your entire life for sure!

Course Contents:

  1. Basics

  2. Indication of each remedy

  3. Detailed study of 38 remedies of Bach flower therapy

  4. How these remedies work

  5. Dosage and frequency

Course Duration: 3 days (3 hours)


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