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Be the energy you want others to absorb

In the early 90s, I stumbled over a very powerful quote by Kim Bayne which very beautifully describes my journey of Reiki.

“Believe that your life has a purpose, You may not see it but, it is there sometimes hidden just beneath the surface ………………And sometimes your purpose finds you when you least expect it.”

Once I was enjoying a long drive trip with my family, suddenly an accident stricken puppy caught my attention. My eyes protruded and jaws dropped at the mere sight of the bleeding animal who was gasping for death more than life. The puppy’s pain shook me from within and I sincerely prayed to God I wish I could do something to give him peace and relief, atleast a peaceful demise. I was disturbed to observe him in that pain. My husband who was a Spiritual Healer took the cognisance and within a minute the almost dead puppy had a peaceful demise. That sight of Liberation from intense unbearable pain caught my attention. There itself I decided to learn Reiki.

My husband didn’t want to have a Guru-Disciple relationship between husband and wife so he asked me to learn Reiki from any female teacher. So I keenly started looking for a Female Reiki Teacher to learn the newly introduced ray to my life. Coincidently, I had just returned from Dubai, A Reiki grandmaster announced about the Reiki class and I went to learn. She introduced me to Reiki. In the very first attunement, My Reiki Grandmaster told me that “I can see your Baba near you and he has a message for you. You had promised him that you would do people’s SEWA but now you have forgotten it completely. He wants you to concentrate on that Sewa now”.

So that incident was a perfect reminder for me, “How your life’s purpose finds you.” I had realised the purpose of my life and got reminded of several Angelic messages too that came across since childhood regarding my purpose of life which is “To Heal, to bring Peace and Harmony”.

Reiki promotes physical health, emotional balance and mental clarity. This is done by reducing stress which allows for relaxation and the restoration of the body, mind and spirit. Our body’s ability to heal is far greater that one can THINK, BELIEVE & IMAGINE. Reiki is the spiritual heritage of the entire humanity. RELAX THE MIND AND THE BODY WILL FOLLOW.

Reiki is the life energy that flows through all living things. “It is your light that lights the world.” It brings out the light which was always inside us.

Silence is not empty. Silence is full of answers. It is rightly said that “The Sun is a daily reminder that we too can rise again from the darkness, that we too can shine our own light”.

“Be the energy you want others to absorb”. A D Posey

When I first discovered Reiki, it helped me so much and changed my life. It was an unbelievable experience! If you are curious about Reiki or just want to hear about my healing journey, subscribe to our site mailing lsit💖


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