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Bhagwan Mahavir Numerology

Updated: May 23, 2022

Expression number- 9

Socially aware.

Positive Traits - Healer, have faith is Divine , Long sightedness, visionary, idealistic, creative, very generous, compassionate

A Teacher , A philosopher.

Mahavir , expression number 9 indiactes , very active personlity , full of patience and compassion . He did a lot for mankind and made them free from misery and sorrows. A perfect leader, healthy, a great teacher, strong powerful , a light worker , pure heart.


Soul Urge number


Positive Traits - spiritual, inspirational,intuitive .

A teacher, social worker, philosopher, advisor

An eleven Soul Urger is given to the person for a higher spirtiual goal and they are aware of it. Eleven is the master number, masters love to connect with others. they wish the best for mankind. They are Balanced with Shiv Shakti Energy. Their deepest soul yearning is to improve the condition of mankind, with harmony and spritual growth. 11 soul urger , they go through pain when they are growing up. Lord Mahavir, felt pain when he noticed descrimination between rich and poor, also in different cast, creed, different sects osf scociety. They can feel the pain of others and can give the best advice to get relief from their sufferings. They do lot of charity.


Personality number


Positive Traits - analytical, intellectual, spiritual, contemplative, focused

A teacher, A philosopher

Sevens are often deep thinkers, and like their own company. They are like lotus, present in the society but still away from it. Personality number sevens are very intelligent, specially in esoteric science.


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