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Certified Numerology Course in pune, also online on skype , webs, whatsapp.

Learn Numerology basic and advanced Course from Best numerologist in Pune

Numerology is the study of numbers from 0 to 9. Each number has a specific vibration frequency which is related to the cosmic vibration which affects our day to day life in a positive or negative manner. These numbers have major impact on our character, thinking pattern, talents, life purpose, career, finance, love life, relationship and health. If we choose our career, bank account number, city to work in, business name, your name correct spelling, your signature, visiting card, life partner according to our own number frequency (taken from date of birth or name) will favor us and will lead to a successful carrier and good relationship but if the number or name frequency does not match with our carrier then lots of struggle and relationship issues may occur.

Numerology is also used to decide when to invest in business or property, favorable time for marriage, when to change jobs or house or even country. Numerology helps us to know the lucky number which helps to have favorable mobile number, car number, house number and even compatible partner.

Course Contents:

  1. Planets and numbers, their realtion.

  2. Numbers Details, your qualities from your date of birth ruling number and destiny number.

  3. Ruling number, Destiny number,

  4. Lucky Numbers , Lucky career, Luck in finance, health ,

  5. Name correction , business name correction, signature correction.

  6. Lucky Dates

  7. Lucky colours

  8. Lucky months

  9. Lucky metals

  10. Lucky Gems

  11. Lucky days

  12. Lucky months

  13. Lucky years

  14. Lucky semi-precious stones

  15. Right career through lucky numbers

  16. Unlucky colours

  17. Metals, Gems, Semi-precious stones, days, months and years

  18. lucky hours to work in and using money number to get wealth.

  19. Karmic Cycle

  20. Life Challenge Numbers

  21. Life cycles, know your past, present future through your date of birth

  22. Your special qualities, lucky hours to work, money number

  23. Soul urge number

  24. Special lessons to learn in this birth

  25. Vedic grid

  26. Pythagoras grid

  27. Chinese lo shu magic grid

  28. Know your body chemistry and remedies

  29. Marraige year

  30. Is their no marriage yog in your date of bith

  31. Directions Lucky for you.

  32. through numbers get to know what the other person thinking\

  33. mental and material vibrations

  34. lucky date through your name

  35. lo shu magic grid

  36. lucky mobile numbers , lucky car numbers

  37. lucky hour, time

  38. Through numbers, find the answer of your question, pyramid system.

  39. Remedies gems, semiprecious stones, herbs, yantras, mantras, charities , puja to perform to improve your life.

  40. predictions , like male child/ female child. location of the house .

Course Duration:

7 days course (5 hours/per day)

For online classes : 1 hour /day , 15 days course.

Materials Provided:

Certificate, Notes

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