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Coral absorbs negative energies

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

Red Coral stone

It absorbs negative energy, maintains friendship ,creativity ,passion wisdom, optimism , enthusiasm, balance, relaxation, protection and safe travel on water .It makes you diplomat. It strengthens the circulatory system and bones of the body .It stimulates the tissue regeneration and nourishes the body cells, treats disorder of spinal cord and nervous system and also thalamus.

Red coral stone  is also called munga in hindi  and pawda in marathi. 

Red coral stone wearing finger :

One can wear Munga stone in right hand ring finger .  Ring can be made in silver, gold, copper or panchdatu.

 Red coral stone side effects:

 Red coral stone, generates heat in the body. one suffering from heat realted issues should avoid wearing coral for long time.  Also the size of the stone can also be reduced if person is suffering from blood pressure , boils, acidity related problems.

shape of red coral stone: It should we worn by native, have dev lagna kundli . Dev 

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