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Crystal Therapy Course

Crystal Therapy Course

Crystal healing is a method in which a master places crystals on different parts of the body generally interrelated to the Chakras which is implied to surround the client as healing energy and helps the client to determine their health and emotional issues.

At Divine touch we provide certification courses in crystal therapy which helps in clearing your auras and chakras.

Course contents:

  1. Chakras and aura

  2. Chakra clearing and energizing

  3. Aura clearing, laying crystals on the body,

  4. Using Dowser to check which crystal suits your healing

  5. using dowser to check and energize chakras

  6. Making elixir ( liquid medicine) from crystals to cure all mental , emotional health issues

  7. Cleansing crystals using different methods

  8. Programming crystals to fulfill all your desires like job change, business, getting new opportunities, find your soul-mate, marriage, progeny, mental, emotional and physical health also to attract new clients

  9. Prescribing the stones for different ailments

  10. Vastu correction using crystals

  11. Lucky crystals for your Rashi and Zodiac sign

  12. Lucky crystals for your date of birth

  13. Giving distant healing to your loved ones

Course Duration: 2 days

Materials provided:

Crystals for chakra, Dowsers, Crystal Pencils, Notes, Certificate and CD

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