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Dasha and Timings to perform remedies in lal kitab

In lal kitab , the time of your birth decides lal kitab dasha. These timings are also used for performing remedies.

Morning 4 am to sunrise its time of KETU Planet Time.

Next 2 hours from sunrise is Jupiter Planaet Time.

Eg: If sunrise time is 6.47am.

Jupiter time: 6.47am to 8.47 am

Sun time: 8.47am to 10.47 am

Moon time: 10.47am to 12.47am

Mars time: 12.47am to 14.47

Venus time : 14.47 to 16.47

Mercury time: 16.47 to 18.47

Saturn time: 18.47 to 20.47

Rahu time: 20.47 to 4 am

If you are born at 1.33 pm that is 13.44 meaning your lal kitab dasha will start with Mars Dasha.

Mars for 6 years

Mercury 2 years

Saturn 6 years

Rahu 6 years

Ketu 2 years

Jupiter 6 years

Sun 2 years

Moon 1 year

Venus 3 years.

Above calculation is also used for performing remedies. Check the sunrise of the day you wish to perform remedies.

2 hours before sunrise is Ketu planet time , 2 hours after sunrise Jupiter, then Sun, Moon, Mars , venus, Mercury, Saturn, and night belongs to Rahu.


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