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Dhanteras- First day of Diwali

Dhanteras धनतेरस:

Dhanteras is considered, beginning of festival of Lights -DEEPAWALI, and its celebrated on thirteenth day of moon cycle – Thrayodashi – of Krishna paksha of Kartika Month. Lord Kuber and Goddess Laxmi are worshipped , for wealth, health , prosperity and success. One should worship them for Ashtlakshmi.

Lamp for Yama:

Lamp with 4 wicks is lit outside the door, on the right-hand side. When you face the door while coming out of the house, consider right hand side from this position. This lamp is dedicated to lord of death – Yama who is son of lord Surya. One big diya of sand is taken , raw rice are put in this diya and small lamp with 4 wicks is lighted for Yama. After lighting Diya- offer some raw rice again to llighted diya, offer flowers and sprinkle water.

Prayer to Lord Yama-

“ O son of lord Surya, bless my family with peace and keep my family safe from any mishap or untimely death. Im offering this lamp to you and your consort. Do accept this Deep from us”

After lord Yama lamp, Dhanwantri , Lord Kuber and Laxmi is Worshipped. Light lamp, incense, offer flowers. Dhanwantri is lord of Ayurveda. One must recite the stotra of Dhanwantri and chant 108 names of Dhanwantri or 108 names of Lord Vishnu.

Pray to Dhanwantri – “I bow down to you Lord Dhanwantri , you are the one who bless the whole world with healthy long life. I offer my gratitude to God who has infinite hands, infinte feet and infinite eyes. “

then pray to Maa Laxmi ji and lord Kuber , “ I pray to you to bless our family with peace ,prosperity , health ,wealth and Ashtlakshmi. Remove all obstacles from our life and always be with us”

Buying gold on dhanters, broom , silver, utensils, toys , new clothes is considered very auspicious.

Dhanteras aaarti lyrics:

Things you can do on Dhanteras:

1) Light a Yama deep

2) Pray to Dhanwantri

3) Recite Dhanwantri stotra or 108 names of Dhanwantri

4) Recite 108 names of Lord Vishnu-

5) Buy Brass utensils, silver , Gold, new Toys, vehicles, broom and whole coriander seeds. Never buy alumium and steel


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