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Discover the Amazing Healing Properties of Tiger's Eye

Tiger's Eye is a gemstone with multiple benefits and healing properties that you will want to explore. This gemstone is known to look beautiful on its own or as part of a piece of jewelry while balancing a person's emotional and physical well-being.

Tiger's Eye draws out our inner strength and protects us from self-sabotage. This gem will help boost your confidence to bring it to the surface where it belongs.

Tigers Her Eye Healing Powers

If you feel down reach out Tigers Eye Stone and it will bring you back to life. Helps balancing the endocrine system. This amazing stone is perfect for those who are feeling lethargic or sluggish. The chi or prana energy of the golden brown stone helps boost motivation, speed up metabolism and increase energy. The stone also traps the heat of the sun and helps with seasonal depression. Tigers eye black colour works on root chakra and yellow colour works on solar plexus. Black colour makes you stable and yellow colour removes fear from solar plexus.

Tiger Eye stone helps in Relationships

It is a healing stone that can be used to heal personal health and relationships. This relationship can be with yourself, or with others if you suffer from low self-confidence. Tiger's Eye helps unlock the mystery behind feelings of low self-esteem and clears away negative and toxic energies that often occur in everyday life. It is an earthly stone that you can use when you feel like you are. Creates peace of mind and allows access to deeper levels of consciousness. This also helps boost your confidence. Because it's hard to maintain confidence without a solid foundation beneath you.

Tiger Eye and Emotional Healing

Deepen your connection with your core and feel stronger no matter what. The presence of chaos around us can block our energy. The Tiger Eye gem helps clear blocks by taking focus away from chaos. This gives us a better, more proactive way of dealing with chaotic situations. When you flush out toxic energies and focus on the positive things around you, it becomes much easier to achieve your life goals.

Tiger's Eye Jewelry

One of the best ways to keep Tiger's Eye stones close to him is by wearing them in jewelry. This allows the stone to adhere to your skin and absorb the healing properties of this amazing gemstone. . If you want to get the most out of your jewelry, buy jewelry with powerful crystals that have healing properties.

For relationship healing ,wear tiger's eye pendant. For fear, anxiety for career , finance healing wear it in braelet form in left hand. For health wear an anklet of tigereye or keep a raw stone, tumbles, polished stones, gem tree near your bed. You can also use a tiger's eye Ganesha , to remove all obstacles from your life. Tigers eye Ganesha, placed on the dash board of the car , protects you from accidents.

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