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This Diwali let's pledge to declutter our minds from negative and fearful thoughts, let's clear our hearts from hatred and revenge, free ourselves from guilt and Illness. ..

life is too short to be unhappy, forgive those who have hurt you, not for them but to set yourself free from their energies..

Life is too short not to love and be loved, love everyone around you because you don't knw what life holds for you..

Take care of your body and what you put in it, take care of your mind with the thoughts you feed it, take care of the heart by the emotions you save..

Money and career, is important but not as important as you and your happiness. Do what makes you happy, let go of what doesn't, live with courage because fear will only make you weak, you deserve to be free and happy.

So choose your life today and stop complaining because it is you who can make it happen, all you have to do is want it.

Wear traditional clothes on Diwali , kurta pyajama for males and indian traditional wear salwar kurta, saree for females.

Empower lights and clothes to "light the way" for certian maagical goals to come into manifestation.

Red for love and progeny

Green for money and abundance

Blue for Health

Yellow for health and energy , education.

Purple for spiritual growth.

Pradosh time is from 5.30 PM TO 8.10 PM on 4 th november , amavasya. Worship Maa Laxmi, Ganesha, and lord Kuber on this day.

Place a mahalaxmi chowki at your pooja place. preferaably the place should be same which you have been using from last few years. the pooja place should be in North east , North , or Est of your home. while performing pooja you should be facing east or north.

Kalash should be prepared with gangajal , water , akshat ( rice) , flower, and tie a roli aroud a neck of the kalash with 5 leaves of mango. Place a narial coconut in the centre of the leaves.

Draw swastick at the eneterance with the paste of kesar/saffron and gangajal. Apply ririce on the swatik

1) Install Laxmi pyramid.

say the name of gotra and pray to Maa laxmi to bless you with abundance. after dieali this pyrmaid can be kept in the treasure box.


Install shri sampurna laxmi ganesh yantra , she sampurna Navgraha yantram, shri Hanuman pujan Yantra for protection, and sampurna kuber yantram.

Shri Shri yantram for getting blessings of Lord vishnu and Maa laxmi. For getting relief from all obstacles in life , shri sampurna sarva kashta nivaran yantram.

if your money is blocked with someone or you are dragged in the court case , install sampurna baglamukhi yantram.

For getting all ashtalaxmi , name fame , santan/ grains , dhanya, vicotry ,vidhya knowldge, good health install shri sampurna mahalaxmi mahayantram. This yantra brings quick money in the form of black money.

For the one who is suffering from diseases from long time , install shri sampurna rognashak Yantra.

For stuedents - Shri sampurna Vidhyadhayak yantram.

For long life- shri Mahamritunjaya Yantram

Shri sampurna kuber laxmi yantram anf shri sampurna Yantram can be placed int he office or work place after pooja.

To energise the yantras offer Sindoor , Akshat, water ,flower and dhoop with reciting Maa Laxmi mantra.

For laxmi puja, tortoise , kaudi, and gomati chakra are used. after pooja tie them in a white cloth and keep it at your treasure box along with Akshat used for pooja.

Pens and New account books are also worshipped on Diwali. Don't forget to energize all your crystals , candles, switching words charts, yog maya charts, money box, energy circles, aroma oils, money oils, money powder, lama fera kit in Diwali pooja.

Happy Diwali to you and your loved one.


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