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Does colour therapy really work?

The child was hyper, he would never get tired, or sleep early.

Every morning, the child would attend school, then tuitions, then skating classes and still, he is full of energy in the evening. He would never feel sleepy or tired. The working mother complained that she needed to sleep early in order to wake up early in the morning. She needed rest; the child's hyperactive personality was affecting her health and also her efficiency at work.

I looked  at the horoscope of the baby and the mother Mrs Sharma (name changed), was learning Numerology and Angel Therapy from me. We checked his  date of birth numbers and horoscope neither of which were giving any indication of hyper-activeness.

I asked her does he wear red colour very often. The mother was shocked to hear this. She shared that his favorite color was red and hence, all his clothes, caps, socks and shoes were mostly red. I advised her to reduce the use of red, and specifically, to change the child's wardrobe to blue and yellow shades. Within a few months of this change, the child started behaving normally and calmed down to a great extent.

Recently, Mrs Sharma shared that she had introduced the child to the existence of angels and that now, even he prays to angels to get his wishes fulfilled. One day, they were looking for parking - and this child prayed to archangels. Within seconds, they got an empty parking slot.

For a child's emotional growth, its very important what colours you are giving him wear, to eat and what colours he is surrounded by. Even the zero lamp in his / her room is capable of affecting his mental, physical and emotional growth. 

Learning colour therapy for parents can help in children's growth.

Another incident was also similar in nature. I got a call from an old client in New York, who shared similar concerns about their hyperactive child, who just didn't seem to tire. I asked the parents if the child was surrounded by red colour (maybe the room walls were red)? To this, they  shared that the curtains were red. On my advise, they changed the curtains and very soon, the child's temperament changed from excessive hyper activity to moderate or regular activity.

Another case from North India - in which the husband complained that his wife would behave normally through out the day but when night falls, something strange happens to her; she argues about silly things, get very angry and sometimes even violent. During my consultation, I was informed that the fights would happen in the bed room and when I checked with him, the bedroom did have red curtains. Consequently, I advised the client to use pink curtains based on vastu and numerology readings of the couple's details. Within few months, the problems were resolved and the couple started living a happy and peaceful life.

This is how colour therapy works. Why are most hotel interiors done up in white or beige? Why do many places use amber lights and not white? These are all principles of color therapy which apply universally to everyone. Colors have the ability to not only affect your moods but also your life.

The next time you face a recurrent problem, try to notice your surroundings; what you have worn, or the primary color of the setting. Try connecting your problem to the colors around you and you might get an easy enough solution to the problems that you might never have thought about.

We have Colour Therapy classes at Divine Touch Healing Academy, where in, we teach all about the different types and moods of colours, how to use colours according to your birth chart, your lucky colours, etc.

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