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Dowsing Therapy

Dowsing for health with a crystal pendulum is based on the same principle – it is a technique used to locate the underlying source of bodily or emotional imbalance that lead to ailments and physical reactions such as allergies or disease. Dowsing is a unique powerful and ancient art, it finds and re-patterns ‘blocked’ energy paths. It both complements and enhances other natural therapies and can even be used to diagnose and treat specific issues, such as, food allergies, intolerance, stress related problems (Release Therapy) and environmental sensitivities.

Dowsing for health gets to the root cause of the problem. It releases patterns of behavior that keep us stuck in the past, allowing us to let go of our resistance to change and experience a surge of creative energy. Take the next steps to freedom and be free from emotional, mental and physical issues from addictions, pains, phobias, emotional stress, limiting beliefs and general life clutter. Choose the pathway to enhanced Health, Hope, Happiness & Harmony.

Benefit from Release Therapy

  1. People with chronic stress or anxiety in need of an opportunity to release energy that holds them stuck and learn how to release and transform the energy to be used in a more useful manner.

  2. Individuals unsure of their life’s path and looking for clarity.

  3. Those seeking a deeper connection to themselves and their true nature.

  4. Those with emotional trauma ready to release strong emotional feelings.

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