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Energized Genuine Lama Fera Kit – Rs. 2500 only

Lama Fera Healing kit:

lama fera is the worlds fastest healing technique used by budhist monk in ancient times . It s used for removal of negative energies from the person or home. it can be done at distant level also. The system can help increase spiritual abilities . special kit is used to practise lama fera.

The kit includes earth sticks, wand, mala and maroon robe. This kit is a must if you are learning this powerful healing technique.

  1. Earth Sticks : Four earth sticks are used t protect a patient from earth energy

  2. Aluminium Wand (Burning Stick): This aluminium stick is filled with crystals . The healer channelises the universal energy directly from the universe into life force energy, multiplying it into four times by entering into the patients body by converting negative energy into positive energy.

  3. Sketchu Mala (Bodhi Mala) : This is made of beeds carved out of special kind of tree in tibet called bodhi tree.

  4. Maroon Robe: This is a typical dress which is worn by the healer. Maroon colour is considered the auspicious, it protects the healer from negative energy of the patient entering his body.

lama fera healing

The kit is energized, purified with special symbols and mantras at Divine Touch , Pune.

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