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Fairy Therapy

Fairytale Therapy Services

What Is Fairy Therapy? Fairytale Therapy is the directions of the practical psychology availing of the fairy tales resources for resolution of a number of tasks: upbringing, education, personality development and behavior correction. Fairytale Therapy can be used in work with the children of the preschool age, juveniles and adults. At that this method is suitable for the people with higher education and for those ones without it. For men and women. Usage of the therapeutic fairy tale allows to pass the psychological resistance of the client and even to work with the problem which the client is not ready to  say aloud for this or that reason.

Within the shortest period we can work through with the client the stressful or conflict situations. With children we can work through every possible fears and phobias. We can show the ways for resolution of problems by way of illustration with the fairytale figures etc.

  1. A holistic, multi-disciplinary therapeutic morality based on a philosophy of love, compassion, cooperation and reverence for all living things.

  2. A series of playful, life-affirming lessons and exercises that transmute stress and negativity, heighten the senses, teach us to be in the flow and to take greater responsibility for our physical nurturing.

  3. Original techniques for reconnecting to the magic of childhood – when we believed that everything was possible.

  4. A whimsical, scientific system for opening the Fairy dimension and inviting creativity, healing and enchantment into our lives.

  5. Original fairy archetypes identify your gifts most relevant to your life.

  6. Discovers your inner fairy who helps you tap into positive traits and the infinite potential of your subconscious mind.

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