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Free Tarot Card Reading Online FOR NOV 2021.

Updated: Oct 3, 2021

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Aries : There will be delays and obstacles in career, so be patient for one month .Make sure to finish all the pending work, because you will gain from it. Growth is seen in finance. Positive time for your partner, also a good time to start a new relationship. If in case you are going through court cases in your relationship, it will end this month in your favour.

Taurus : This month is very positive for your career, just be careful of entering into new ventures. Choose your options carefully. Monetary prosperity will be excellent. There may be obstacles in financial progress, which you will tackle easily. You may not compromise with your partner this month, avoid taking things to the worst. For health, watch your diet.

Gemini : Put extra efforts in your work, and concentrate on networking, expect lot of money inflow. Be very careful with your communication. There will be good relation between you and your partner. Your investments will give you good outcome. You will spend lavishly. Avoid fast/outside food, it may cause food poisoning. Use flax seeds for reducing cholesterol. Invest in learning spiritual course.

Cancer : Your financial stability is positive this month, you may make new investments. You may also establish a new company, learn something new for your career. Keep patience to see the results of your hard work. You might travel with your partner which will strengthen your bonding.

Leo : You will be very busy this month, lots of benefits from traveling and opposite gender. Success is far off. This month you will go through a rough patch and avoid new investments, express your love to your partner to avoid misunderstandings. For good sleep keep a packet of fennel seeds under your pillow.

Virgo : All your wishes will come true this month. New opportunities will come this month for career and finance but try to keep a balance in your personal life and career. You may face hardship and confusion in your relationship and health.

Libra : Your work environment is stable, there will be no additional work load. Don’t take shortcuts in career and financial growth. There will be bitterness in relationship, do not make unnecessary arguments, it may lead to separation. Lot of money is expected from different sources but do not over-spend.

Scorpio : New opportunities for career, good growth in finance. Health will be good, avoid over exertion and keep your work timings fixed. Relationship will be stable, and if your dealing with foreign clients/ people/ investors, there will be major setback this month.

Sagittarius: You will be very much satisfied with your career but the money will not come as per your expectations. You might travel for your business. Try to make new contacts. Take right decisions to make your relationship positive. Try to analyze the situation from your partners point of view. There may be minor illness, do not skip your medications.

Capricorn : avoid arguments at your work place. There is misfortune which will not allow income to flow in smoothly. There may be disappointments. Do not invest in new ventures. There will be lot of stress, do not hesitate to take help from family or friends. Be honest to your partner. Visit spiritual place.

Aquarius : This month you will be more inclined towards spirituality. In career, you may get new projects or even a promotion. Your respect will spread far and wide. For finances, delay your decisions as much as you can as there are chances to make wrong decisions and suffer losses. You may be unhappy because of small tiffs in relationship, your partner will feel the lack of warmth. For better health disconnect with your past.

Pisces : You are putting lots of effort in your career, this month you will gain from that. Your work will be appreciated by your superiors. You will make good investments this month, and your income will increase. Not a good time to travel. Maintain a low profile, and take advice from your seniors. You will be disappointed with your relationship, just be cool and calm like you are. Health will be fine.


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