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Updated: Nov 7, 2021

QUESTION: Is there any course for Self healing?

Answer: Yes there are many courses one can learn for self Healing.

There is Reiki, Lama Fera, Access Consciousness Bars, Crystal Healing, Angel therapy, Aroma Therapy, Magnified Healing and Self Hypnosis.

Question : Im confused in my career, what to do, can tarot astrology consultation guide me for that ?

Answer: Yes , tarot and astrology consultation will show you exact path , you should be following. Whatfield one should choose, which country, and how wil l be your future .

Question: My father doesn’t believe in all these alternate healing and his sugar levels are always high , can i help him?

Answer: By learning Reiki 2 LEVELS and giving him distant reiki , you can help him in keeping his health normal. Also learning lama fera and giving him lama fera sessions can help. Crystal Healing sessions, and keeping programmed crystals with him can help. Angel therapy , aroma therapy, candle therapy, bach flower , rudraksha therapy, Magnified healing , merlin trinity helaing can also help in the same way.

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