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Graphology Services

Graphology, also called handwriting analysis is a well-researched and validated system of analysis to determine the personality of an individual through the study of the strokes of handwriting. Wherever personality is important Graphology has a role to play. Handwriting reveals abilities, aptitudes, outer personality attributes, and deeper features of the inner character. It shows what people are like, but not what they have done. A graphologist can discern which short-listed candidates are well suited to an advertised post. Writing does not reveal whether they have qualifications, that needs separate checking. It cannot predict the future. Nor can it tell age or sex; people and their writing mature at different rates, and most of us have some masculine and some feminine traits.

Graphology – the study of handwriting and handwriting analysis – is now an accepted and increasingly used technique for assessment of people in organizations. Handwriting analysis is an effective and reliable indicator of personality and behavior, and so is a useful tool for many organizational processes, for example: recruitment, interviewing and selection, team-building, counselling, and career-planning.

Elaine describes graphology is ‘brain-writing’ – the handwriting comes directly from the writer in a uniquely personal and individual way, irrespective of how the person has been taught to write: an expert graphologist understands the styles of the different countries and languages and makes allowances for ‘taught’ influences. Also largely irrelevant to the actual analysis is the content of the written text.

The science of graphology uses at least 300 different handwriting features in its investigative approach. The graphologist’s interpretation skill is in the psychological art of understanding the particular blend of handwriting features – an expert is able to see the writer ‘step off the page’.

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