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Guidelines for new Lamas to practice Lama Fera correctly and effectively

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Guidelines for students of Lama Fera:

When you have learned Lama Fera, make sure symbols and mantras of Lama Fera are not disclosed to any un-attuned individuals.

The directions in which you draw the symbols is very important, as it represents the flow of energy. in case the student draws the symbols in wrong directions sequence, it can cause negative effect to him and others. Lama Fera notes with symbols should be kept secured and away from any prying eyes.

Lama Fera healing should be started with the consultation and counseling.

The mind set of the student should be set to

1) Change male female attributes. He / she should be aware what frequency is dormant and corrective steps should be taken by healee to balance male female frequencies.

Male attributes are: Logical, Competence, Rational, Complicate

Female attributes are: Intuition, Warmth, Care, Nurture, Simple

2) Change habits to balance




3) Change habits to balance 5 elements: earth, fire, air, water, and sky.

EARTH forms Bones, flesh, skin, hair in the body.

It gives qualities like grounding, calming, firmness, physical energy and protects from infection.

FIRE forms hunger, thirst and sleep. It gives qualities like confidence, courage , good metabolism, creativity and protects from anger and hatred.

AIR forms breathing, expansion and contraction. It decides on qualities like clear communication, self expression, protects from jealousy.

SPACE take care of physical attraction and fear.

Water – forms saliva, juices, cyst, blood, urine, sweat, spit. It gives qualities to adapt, flow, self less service, and attachments and protects from joint pains.

4) Change habits to balance 2 Nadis, Ida and Pingla.

Meaning of words:

The two channels on either side of the spine are called nadis.

NAD is flow, motion and vibration. Nadi supplies nourishment to all and everything in its path.

IDA: The left channel, also called lunar nadi, cool and nurturing by nature,

and PINGLA: The right channel, also called the solar nadi is warm and stimulating by nature. These nadis can also be termed as Shiva and Shakti, or male - female; or termed and logical or intuitive aspects.

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