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House NO. 2 IN Astrology and Ashtalaxmi.

The 2nd house is very important house in the birth chart i.e kundli of an individual, which lies just next to the 1st house (the ascendant). Ascendant is considered as personality house or Tanu bhava . The 2nd house is also known as the house of possessions , what we owe wealth, cash , bank balance, speech- ability to verbal expression , learning langauges immediate family (parents, siblings, wife , husband children) ,inheritence, patience , education material goods, precious stones, and the ability to earn and fortune etc. This house also called dhan bhav represents our financial condition , affluence, luxury, stocks, jewelry, bonds, money management, our budget, debts payment, savings our feelings, emotions, our younger siblings and how we relate to them. 2nd house is also gain from first house, wealth due to personality health of an individual. Dhan bahv is 8 th house from 7th ,meaning life partners inheritance.

In kaal purush kundli the 2nd house is associated with the Taurus sign Vrishabh rashi . Lord of Vrishbh rashi is Venus( Maa Laxmi ). Venus and Jupiter ( Lord Vishnu ) are natural significators of the 2nd house in the horoscope.

Respecting what we own , our posessions, our fmaily , our speech, educaion will bless us with more finance, peace and happiness. In astrology in ARTH TRIANGLE 2, 6 AND 10 houses are considered important. 2nd house is of highest importance as it not just Laxmi bhav but Ashtalaxmi bhav.

The eight types of laxmi's are called the Ashta Lakshmi and from these eight laxmis we can get through 2 nd house of astrology. Planets in 2 nd house , lord of 2 nd house and their corelation with other planets can give us Ashtalxmi.

First and foremost wealth is Clarity ,mind, intellginece , knowledge, communication, language, speech that we get from the jupiter , significator of second house that is Vidhya laxmi.

The second wealth is family reputation, name fame .We can earn money because people trust us , due to family's hard earned reputations. our family has sacrifised a lot to get good reputation in the society this comes in Aishqariya laxmi. 2nd house in astrology represents family, thus secod house gives us Aishwariya laxmi along with Vidhya laxmi.

The third wealth is that of Money , cash , currency which is Dhan Laxmi.

The fourth wealth is that of children in the family which is Santan laxmi. Without a child we dotn enjoy material posessions. Family blessed with love and support of children have Santan Laxmi.

The next comes the us Skills & Expertise ,that is Hard work and patience . In lal kitab venus is masnuhi graha of rahu and ketu. Rahu is about our patience and hardwork to earn wealth. That is Dhairya laxmi. Patience is required to earn wealth, save wealth and keep family united. Patience is requried to Learn communication, language.

The sixth type of laxmi is Strength & Support that is we get from Food. We Work hard throught our life to get good food and health . 2nd house represtns food we eat. This is Dhanya Laxmi. Satvik food gives us satvik thought and we get connected to satvik people and earn through true means.

The seventh form of laxmi is Stocks, shares, jewelry, bonds, vehicles through parents and things we collect for our comfort , luxurious life that represents Gaj laxmi. Gaj means elephant , it a vahan of Maa laxmi. Gaj laxmi is alone equivalent to other 8 forms.

The second house also represents the goals we have for our financial sucsess and health , this is Adi laxmi also called Mahalaxmi. Second house in astrology is benefit from first house , health is benefit of maintaining good personality habits. " Health is wealth" .Also culture and values we inherit from our family is form of wealth. Maintaining traditons , culture and values of family is Adi Laxmi.

Second house shows Opportunities for new job, business, new people as this is fifth house from tenth. so creativity for career and public life

Thus, if you are able to create these eight types of wealth from the eight resources give by 2 nd house , then only your Life will become complete in all aspect.

Ashta Lakshmi

Ashta Lakshmis or the 8 Lakshmis residing in the 2 nd house of horpscope . These Ashta Lakshmis are situated as follows:

Name, fame reputation of our family is Aishwarya Lakshmi.

Food supplies we are provided with is Dhanya Lakshmi. In Olden days food supplies , catlles, were equivalent to todays cash liquidity.

Wealth ,posessions, is Adi Lakshmi.

Patience, Hardwork and other such emotional qualities we get from elders is Dhairya Lakshmi.

Stocks, shares, jewelry, bonds, vehicles through parents, is Gaj Lakshmi.

Strenghth, courage victory is Vijaya Lakshmi.

Money, cash bank balance is Dhan Lakshmi

Children , younger siblings and old parents are Santan Lakshmi.

Inheritance culture, traditions and values are Adi laxmi.

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