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Jupiter and Astrology

Updated: Dec 11, 2022

Jupiter in Astrology meaning : JUpiter, is the largest planet in solar system , also called as Guru Graha, Brahaspati planet that represents your good education, knwoledge, wisodm,Career, job, business, good marriage and progeny. Power of Jupiter decides if you are going to be succcessful in things related to jupiter in astrology that is wise, knolwdegable, successful in career, finnace.

Characteristic of Jupiter: Astrologically, Jupiter is the planet of luck, fortune, kismat as per lal kitab and Air as per lal kitab , as it has power over 5 houses out of 12 . Also it repesents success and generosity, an abundant force of benevolence and cosmic goodness. Jupiter is vast, biggest , healthy, wealthy and powerful, the engine of achievement and success. In Greek mythology, Jupiter was associated with Zeus, the king of the gods

If Jupiter is placed in favourable house, and favourable friendly rashi in your natal horoscope or check the current position of Jupiter in astrology it will give you peace, support of elders, good guidance, good teachers. People with favourble jupiter are considered very lucky as , only jupiter can remove all the negative effect of other planets.

With position of jupiter , below are the predictions , in what situation native is conceived and what are the remedies for the same.

In astrology 6,8 , 12 houses are considered negative: A weak

Jupiter in 2 nd house: Native is born , when there is family pooja in the house. On the day of Pooja, members are suppose to follow brhamcharya. Couple when they break such rules, the child born comes with depressing or with the energy of anger from dieties, God, or ancestors depend on the puja performed. Remedy for Jupiter in 2 nd house, organise a pooja , invite all relatives and feed them.

Jupiter in Leo rashi in 2 nd house: Organise a Hawan at home, as leo is fire rashi. Lord of Leo Rashi is Sun, so one can perform Gaytri Hawan.

Jupiter in Cancer Rashi in 2 nd house: Rudra abhishek or Ram Katha , distribute sweet water.

Jupiter in Aries or Scorpio : Sunderkand Path and distribute orange sweets like bhoondi , jalebi.

Jupiter in 6 th house: People with 6 th house jupiter they are concieved when there is fights going on in the family, the atmosphere is very depressing. there is dispute between parents, even if jupiter is with 6 th lord it indicates that there is fight between parents before native is born.

Jupiter in Aries or Scorpior rashi in 6 th house: It Iindicates the fight between parents or realtives is physical.

Jupiter in 8 th house: A naitve is considered , to be born in 12 days after death of a family member, or in sutak where it is not considered auspicous.

Jupiter in 8t house in Capricorn : Worship Kuldevi , Kuldevta, and do the anacestors shradh with rituals.

Jupiter in Capricorn or Aquarius : Native mixes religion (jupiter) with Business. ( Saturn). There will be drastic changes in business of parent after the native is born.

jupiter in 12 th house : People with Jupiter in 12 th house - they are conceived by a mother, during travel or may be after a death of a family member. Native herself will conceive while travelling.

Jupiter in 3rd, 9 th and 12 th house- remedy is visit temples realted to sign , as these are travel house.

Aries and scorpio- Hanuman temple

Taurus and libra- Maa laxmi temple

Gemini - Vurgo - Shakripeeth

Cnacer- Jyotirlinga

Leo - Surya Temple

Sagittarius and Pisces- Vishnu Temple

Capricorn and Aquarius - Shani Temple.

Stone for jupiter in astrology is : Yellow Saphire , Cirtrine and Topaz.

Direction for Jupiter in Astrology: North East , Temple a big size temple should be there in NE of the home.

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