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Lal Kitab Remedies in Modern Context

If You are asked to offer certain articles to the river for your planetary remedies , and pracitcally its not possible to do so , what can be done.

1) If water source is not available neraby, fill a jar of water from a river which is nearest to you, bring it home and keep it in the temple of your home , preferaably in North, North East, and East. Everyday offer the thing suggested to this Jar, Example 43 copper coins , so everyday 1 coin you can put in this Jar , after 43 days , you can pour this water along with 43 coins in the jar, to the same river.

2) If water source is not available , articles can be thrown on a square - cha

ar rasta , or any deserted place, or in a jungle. If you cant find deserted place , donate articles to temple or an orphanage or lepers colony or to a deserving poor person.

3) Articles for Rahu , Ketu and saturn , Coconut, almond , and mustard can be offered at the feet of Lord Shiva , for a miraculous results.

4) Few Remedies are suggested to burry articles in Neem tree roots, or barks, or watering mango tree , Banyan tree. If you cant find the above mentioned trees in your locality, you can perform these remedies , on trees those look like neem, or mango or Banyan. Eg: Mango tree remedy can be done on Pine tree. Neem tree remedy can be done on Deodar tree whichever is available there.

5) If you cant do remedy for 43 days, to get some result , you can offer 43 pieces on the same day . Eg: Offering jaggery for 43 days, take 43 pieces of Jaggery and offer it on the same day . This will give you very little result but at the same time , it will give you faith to do the remedy for 43 days.

Faith is very important. Intuiton should be pure . Never Give up on remedies. Remedies should be part of your daily life, like you do pooja everyday, have meals, have water , bath everyday. Remdies should be added in your daily routine. You never know one small step can change your life.


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